Our Farms

We currently work with 4 East Anglian farms supplying the Marybelle Dairy with 100% British Milk.

We started out with just the farm at Rendham Hall, home of the famous Mary and Belle families 

(read more about these two lovely ladies here), adding new farms as the company grew.

We can identify exactly which farm our milk has come from on any particular day.

All our farms must pass a stringent audit called EFSIS (SAI Global), which ensures animal welfare 

and cleanliness.

We started Marybelle with a promise that all our suppliers get a fair price 

for their milk, and since we manage every step of the supply chain we have

no need to involve additional middlemen.

This means:

If you would like to know more about the benefits of supplying Marybelle then please click here and fill out a short enquiry form.