Doing Your Bit!

Everyone can do something to help maintain the environment in which they live. No matter how big or small, it all makes a difference. Here are a couple of suggestions to help get you thinking creatively about how you can Do Your Bit for the environment

Marybelle Plastic Milk Bottles

  1. Accepted by councils and recycling centres – that’s a nice easy one as most councils collect plastics from your door!
  2. Make bird feeders to feed the birds in the winter months
  3. You can make a pencil sorter – great for if you have lots of crayons!
  4. Want to tone your arms? Simply fill 2 bottles with water and use them as weights!
  5. Make excellent watering cans for small plants around the home
  6. Cut them into shapes to make scoops for dry pet food
  7. Widen the neck, add some string to make a handle and voila - a perfect basket for autumn berry picking!
  8. For something a little different: Art Recycling – Milk Bottle Flower

Marybelle Yoghurt Pots

If your local recycling centre or council will not accept the pots, try thinking of inventive ways to REUSE them. Here at Marybelle HQ this was the list of favourites:

  1. Grow seeds in them instead of buying seed trays. If you need to, it is easy to put holes in the bottom for drainage
  2. Freeze left over gravy, dregs of wine or make large ice cubes for summer punch
  3. Fill with flavoured juice, pop in a stick and put them in the freezer to make ice lollies
  4. Can your local playgroup or school use them for crafts?
  5. Paint pots!