Meet Mary & Belle

The name 'Marybelle' was one of the very first features of the company to be developed. It is

comprised of the names of the two most influential milk providers to Marybelle.

What's in a Name?

Marybelle’s heritage of producing fresh, delicious dairy products lies very much in the name.

Our original pedigree herd’s family line can be traced back to two incredibly special ladies; Telstar

Mary and Duncan Belle.

Mary was a black and white Holstein, pictured above on the left. She was brought to the original

Marybelle farm at Rendham over twenty years ago and was a very impressive cow, producing

thousands of litres of milk in her lifetime. 

Duncan Belle, the award winning Jersey, pictured above on the right, lived in Canada and was voted

by the industry as the Cow of the Millennium for her achievements in milk production, show-ring

domination and ability to transmit this potential to her offspring. 

These girls are truly at the heart of everything Marybelle stands for.

Improve the environment around you, buy local and reduce your food miles!

Marybelle was established in 2002 with three simple values at its heart:

  • Work to protect and improve the British Dairy Farming industry
  • Produce high-quality products through simple processes.
  • Create a sustainable & responsible business

Although the company has grown substantially and is very different from where it started out, these

values remain at the heart of our business and our reputation with our customers - and their

customers - is a key factor in our success.

We were over the moon to have that reputation boosted at a national level by winning Supreme

Champion in the Fine Foods Great Taste Awards. When we started out we never thought that our

products, which are still produced from a 40-year-old recipe, would be on the shelves of Britain’s top

retailers, including Fortnum & Mason and Harrods.

In the east of England we distribute through a wide network of supermarkets and shops, including

Waitrose, East of England Co-op, Morrison’s and Asda, as well as prestigious hotels, schools, local

farm shops and village stores.

In early 2014 Marybelle Dairy became a subsidiary company of Pur Natur Invest, creating a new

company called Marybelle Pur Natur.

Pur Natur is a company that has grown from similar roots, although in Belgium rather than the UK,

and holds similar values in terms of the growth of the dairy industry and producing high-quality

organic products using simple and traditional production methods.

This new era for Marybelle Pur Natur will enable us to realise our aspirations of becoming one of

Britain’s leading dairy production brands – without compromising our values or the reputation we

have built up with customers and consumers.

Marybelle Kissing Cows